Never in a Million Years Would You Guess Margot Robbie's Favorite Sex Scene

May 19, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Any Margot Robbie Sex Scene Is a Classic

If you asked anyone, any friend, any family member, any random person on the street (don't ask a stranger) what you would believe to be Margot Robbie's favorite sex scene in a movie, every single person would say it's one of the scenes from The Wolf of Wall Street (2013). But you, me, and that random stranger looking at you funny would be completely and totally wrong.

Believe it or not, Margot Robbie's favorite sex scene isn't from a movie she was in. Oh no, it isn't from a movie made in the last 20 years. For Margot Robbie, it doesn't get any hotter than this scene from True Romance (1993).

I know, right! It totally blows my mind that Margot Robbie would pick this scene, but as she told the wonderful people at Maxim:

"True Romance... when Alabama and Clarence are in the phone box next to the road," Robbie recalled. "Best sex scene ever." 

And yes, I'm totally in shock. Never ever in a million years would I have been able to pick this scene from this movie. Of course, the only thing I can think about is someone remaking this movie with Margot Robbie as Alabama, doing this whole phone booth sex scene again, but this time around with some awesome Margot Robbie nudity. Nothing against the original, True Romance is a good movie, but you throw in Margot Robbie topless and your movie goes from good to great.

Still, if you ask me (or anyone else) we will also pick any of the Margot Robbie scenes from The Wolf of Wall Street as one of the hottest sex scenes ever.

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