Alexandra Cerrano and Lea de la Torre Give Lesbian Sex a Try Over at Nubiles

May 20, 2017 | Posted in Hardcore by alice-wyke

Lesbian Virgins Give Lust a Try!

Central American teen cuties Alexandra Cerrano and Le de la Torre are best friends and virgins in their scene together over at Nubiles. They have both chit chatted about trying out girl/girl sex for quite some time and today seems to be the day for it to be go time. If you can not experience with lesbian lovemaking with your BFF, who CAN you try it out with? These two have a great plan here!

They start off with some naughty selfies to get them in the mood and then they peel each other out of their bras and panties and savor the differences between their hot, golden bodies. Cerrano is the busty beauty here and de la Torre is all about using her tongue to worship every inch of her friend's lovely, big, natural jugs. They get right to licking each other out as part of their fun with each one taking a turn at being the one orally adores. This is a slow, luscious time here. Go check this out!

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