Naked and Blurry, Halle Berry Still Looks Amazing

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I’ll tell you what freedom is to me. No fear. #NinaSimone

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Is Halle Berry Prepping Us for Upcoming Nudity?

We all love Halle Berry naked. Hell, we even love the idea of Halle Berry naked. So when we get a kind of dark, kind of blurry, not-really-sure-what-is-going-on-in-this Instagram pic of a nude Halle Berry, you know what? It's really freaking amazing. Sure, it's not full on Halle Berry boob, but just the outline is enough to drive us wild.

Let's be honest, it seems like a long time since we've seen Halle Berry topless. And it seems that way because it has been a long time since Halle Berry made us all almost pass out with excitement over seeing her beautiful naked breasts. It was 2010, if you can believe it. I can't. I really can't. Sure, we've gotten a couple of teases here and there, mostly on her Instagram account, but no true, no top, all breasts Halle Berry action in a long time. Maybe that is about to end. Maybe this is Halle Berry's way of letting us know that in her next movie we are going to, once again get the honor and privilege of seeing her fantastic breasts. Until then, we'll all enjoy her kind of blurry, kind of dark, nude Instagram pic.

Hell, Halle Berry may have wanted to show us her boobs in this picture, but you know how Instagram gets about seeing something incredibly beautiful - I mean nudity. Seriously, Instagram, we are adults, we can handle a nude Halle Berry. I mean, we can kind of handle it.

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