Jennifer Lawrence Is Not That Great at Being a Stripper

May 18, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush


Still, Seeing J-Law Dancing on a Stripper Pole Is Worth the Watch

It's safe to say that Jennifer Lawrence can do just about anything on the big screen. She's been an action star, a small town girl, and leading lady. Honestly, I'm sure you could plug her into any role in any film and that movie would be a hit. Of course, that's all make-believe. In real life, Jennifer Lawrence is probably great at a lot of things, but being a stripper isn't her best work.

If you have no idea what in the world I am talking about, go here and watch the video of Jennifer Lawrence after she's had one too many during a friend's birthday party: Click her to watch the video.

Yes, it would seem a fellow strip club patron decided to whip out his cellphone and take some video of Jennifer Lawrence badly dancing while intoxicated. I have to be honest, during the majority of the video I wasn't sure it was her - you really can't see her face. But towards the end, you clearly hear the distinct sigh and I knew it was her. Also, she posted about it on Facebook or something. All I know is that Jennifer Lawrence tossed back a couple of drinks and tried her hand at pole dancing. It wasn't really what we imagined it would be.

So, you know that Jennifer Lawrence now has to redeem herself by playing a stripper in a movie and showing us all her moves. With some training and some skimpier outfits, I bet she could really shine under those lights and with that wonderful pole.

via Radar Online

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