Michelle Monaghan in a Bikini Makes Any Pool a Heated Pool

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When Michelle Monaghan Is in a Bikini - That's All One Can Focus On

There are few things greater than doing a cannon ball into the cool waters of a pool on a hot summer day. The only thing that could really make you think twice about splashing around is knowing that Michelle Monaghan might be floating in the same water and her hotness would turn that water from ice cold to hot as hell. Cheesy, yes. Honest, hell yes.

Sorry, folks, they can't all be winners in the clever wit department, sometimes you just have to let out something kind of... dumb... when it comes to the amazing sexiness of Michelle Monaghan in a bikini. I mean, what can one really say about something so awesome? You can't give it a ton of thought. You sit there to stare endlessly at Michelle Monaghan's cleavage, moving back and forth, back and forth, back and... I'm sorry, what is going on? Did you guys see Michelle Monaghan in a bikini? I bet she can turn cold water hot!

Come on, let this one go. Enjoy Michelle Monaghan's sexy body. Forget everything else. A bad joke is worth the price of admission when the show is Michelle Monaghan floating in a pool rocking a bikini. What wouldn't you put up with to see that?

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