Goddess Nudity and Some Fine Human Flesh Was Shown in the Latest “American Gods”

May 8, 2017 | Posted in straight by holly-kingstown

More Great Nude Moments on "American Gods"!

There was a lovely pastiche of the goddess Bilquis - played by the gorgeous Yetide Badaki - consuming a whole lot more worshipers into her vagina in last night's episode of Starz' "American Gods", and we got to see that Bilquis is fine with either gender worshiping her. While in the first episode only a man perishes to his desire for her, this time a lovely woman with fine boobs, Pastel Supernova, gets enveloped and sent into whatever awaits those who worship the Queen of Sheba. 

Mr. Wednesday - played by the brilliant Ian McShane - treats himself, as a god would, to hot, blonde pizza delivery girl Vivien Endicott Douglas. We get to see more than just a glimpse of her courtesy of the fine folks at Mr. Skin's slow-motion brilliance called "Skin Vision." Such a pretty girl! Wednesday talks about how the chicks of the Midwest are all to his liking earlier in the episode, so here's hoping that he decides to enjoy more food delivery chicks in his travels through the nation's heartland.

To check out all of the nude moments so far on Starz' "American Gods", click on over to Mr Skin!

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