Miley Cyrus Not Being Miley Cyrus Is Pretty Sexy

May 6, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Plain, Simple Miley Cyrus Is Hot

We've all come to love Miley Cyrus for being outlandish, slightly crazy, and pretty off the wall all while being topless and/or completely nude. And while there is no doubting the hotness of a topless Miley in a nothing more than bubble wrap coming out of a giant fake vagina, Miley in a simple off-white dress in a field of grass is pretty damn sexy if you ask me.

Sure, there will also be a touch of the Miley Cyrus we've come to know and love (the cowgirl on the kids' rocking horse), but this photo spread is quite different from what we normally see. It also happens to be quite awesome. Miley Cyrus really is a beautiful woman and she doesn't need much to show off that beauty. Think about all the times you and I thought there was nothing that Miley could do to surprise us. When you are typically "out there," the only way to do that is to "bring it down." And Miley brought it down to one hell of a sexy place.

I can't wait for the next "sexy teacher in space on a ship that looks like a hotdog" Miley Cyrus photo spread, but I'm going to enjoy the simple, down to earth, nothing fancy Miley for a good long time.

photos via Billboard

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