Britney Spears Hits the Gym to Make Us Hit the Floor

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Back at the gym.... stretch and run all the way ???????

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How Is Britney Not Distracted By Her Own Hotness?

I'm pretty sure that if Britney Spears didn't want to go the gym, she'd be totally fine. Doing all those shows in Las Vegas is probably a great workout, but yet Britney still loves to go the gym and take pictures of her sexy body while she's there. Hey, it's Britney's world - we are just living in it.

Sometimes I really wonder if Britney Spears actually gets any work done while she's in a gym. I mean, she must, right? Looking at her amazing body, every single inch of it looks as if was carved by the most famous sculptor using the best stone in the world. But she knows how hot she is, she does look in the mirror after all, and when you see Britney Spears looking hot - even if you are Britney Spears - you can't look away. Maybe Britney Spears can get into this zone where she doesn't see anything but the numbers on the treadmill in front of her. I hear some people just get "in the zone" when at the gym so she could totally be doing that. Still, it's kind of hard to believe that Britney Spears doesn't get distracted by Britney Spears' hotness in the mirror.

It also looks like this is a home gym, which is good thinking on Britney's part. It can be hard enough to do workouts in a gym without Britney Spears being all sexy. I can't imagine how hard it would be for everyone to focus if she was there in this outfit. No matter how good you are at getting into "the zone," Britney Spears' awesome body will always take your focus.

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