"Below Her Mouth" Is Above the Rest

May 4, 2017 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

This Is a Must-Own

I've never been much of a betting man, but after seeing the trailer for Below Her Mouth (2017) way back when, I would have been willing to gather all my riches, take out some loans, and offer up everything I own to wager that this movie would have been full of great nudes scenes. Well, my friends, had that been an option, I would be living on my private island watching Below Her Mouth right now.

As a super quick refresher, Below Her Mouth is about two women: Natalie Krill and Erika Linder. They have an affair together and other stuff happens. Look, I could sit here and go through all of the awesomeness of the movie, but me writing it and you seeing it are two totally different experiences. Just take my word for it and buy it. Own this movie. Don't rent it, don't borrow from a friend, don't stream it - own it. Below Her Mouth is one of those movies you are going to watch over and over again. Honestly, I had the hardest time picking two scenes to put here because I knew one wouldn't be enough and eight would be too many.

So, just make some time, find this movie in whatever form you like, and own this wonderful piece of cinematic glory. It's worth every penny you pay for it and worth every hour you spend watching it.

Check out all the great nude scenes from Below Her Month over at Mr. Skin.


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