Piper Perri Appeared on a Recent Episode of “The Jerry Springer Show”

May 2, 2017 | Posted in straight by holly-kingstown

Piper Advises the Masses!

Hot blonde porn star Piper Perri made a very special appearance on "The Jerry Springer Show" last week where she was interviewed by the host himself as part of an episode titled "Springer Goes Stripper Crazy." Perri is on the show to help a couple of strippers become porn stars, which seems like a super retro plot since so many porn stars these days are coming from the webcam world, but hey, I didn't even really know this show was still on the air so rock on to all involved.

Springer's audience loves Perri a ton and cheers her every move here and she comes across as super classy and composed. She is made up to look so not like a teenager here on the show, which I think is super hot, too. The audience is there to help Perri decide which of the two strippers she has along with her she should go ahead and mentor and help make her way as a newbie in the porn world. You can check out the proceedings below. Too bad Springer closes things being a buzz kill.

The image of Perri above comes from her scene in Hookup Hotshot Productions/Evil Angel's "Cum Sluts" - Hookup Hotshot's very first compilation.

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