Twenty Questions with Hot Fetish/Porn Newbie Helena Locke

May 16, 2017 | Posted in Pornstars by holly-kingstown

Helena Kicks Ass!

Helena Locke is a beautiful domme who has entered the fetish/porn worlds looking to try a lot of new stuff. She has great new scenes out on Kink's Divine Bitches (shown here) and Whipped Ass sites and a bunch more will be coming out with her in it. Get to know her here!

What kind of girl were you back in high school? Who did you hang out with/date?

"I was artistic, athletic, and the kind of girl that could get along with any crowd. I didn’t date a lot in high school. I was on the shy side when it came to boys."

Were you a porn/fetish fan before you got into the industry? Who were your favorite porn stars/favorite porn movies/fetish movies/fetish sites?

"I was. I was first introduced to BDSM porn from one of my neighbors in Austin who would watch Rocco Siffredi's movies. I didn’t really have a specific favorite but I really enjoyed coming across any type of Femdom sites."

What kind of scene have you found is your favorite kind to do?

"That is always such a really tough question, but I guess I really enjoy scenes where it pushes me as a top. Learning or doing more sadistic stuff is fun because it can really bring in a technical aspect that challenges you."

What/who do you want to do on-camera that you haven’t done yet?

"Heavy latex porn, for sure."

Who is your favorite performer to work with so far and why?

"I haven’t shot a lot outside of my own clips so it’s really hard to who is my favorite. What I can say is that I have been extremely blessed to have worked with some really talented performers."

You respond to your fans a lot on Twitter. What do you like most about talking to your fans on social media?

"It’s a great opportunity to connect with all different walks of life on more of a global aspect. It can give you a unique perspective to someone’s reactions or what they gravitate toward. Also, it is a fantastic way to connect with other sex workers."

How did you become a fetish performer? What led you down that career path?

"I had worked in the adult industry as a stripper then left to go into the corporate world. I became extremely burnt out and unfulfilled. After taking some kink/domination classes through Tara Indiana for my personal sex life, I realize I wanted to explore this more on a professional level."

What do you most want to achieve in the industry?

"Honestly, I just want to keep learning, exploring, and working with as many talented performers as I possibly can. I don’t have a certain title or award that I am trying to achieve. One aspect that I would like to add is filming over in Europe with some fetish companies."

What is one thing you would teach a woman who wanted to be a better sexual partner?

"Be open to exploring as well as being comfortable with who are and what you like. Don’t let others shame you for what you enjoy."

What do you love most about

"Everyone I have met is very sex positive and welcoming. I think they are all incredibly talented and beautiful people."

What do you think are “must-have” DVDs/sites/scenes for your fans?

"Divine Bitches, Whipped Ass, Club Dom, Subby Hubby, Cum Eating Cuckolds, Men Are Slaves, Subby Girls, and Female Worship - and, of course, my own clips stores."

What do you like to do for fun?

"Anything adventurous from trying new foods, to traveling, to extreme adventures."

What are your favorite fetishes to explore on camera?

"Anything latex to sensory deprivation gets me really excited. I also want to build on more medical scenes."

Who are your role models in porn/the fetish world?

"Quite a few of really talented strong women that I have been lucky enough to meet or work with - Cybill Troy, Irene Boss, Simone Justice, Maitresse Madeline Marlowe, Mistress Simone in Chicago, and Isabella Sinclaire."

What is the best mainstream movie you have seen recently?

"I always blank at this question."

How about the best porno movie? Is there someone whose movies you like to watch who is working now?

"I really gravitate to anything that is artistic and erotic as well as dark and deviant. I find Four Chambers movies really intriguing and beautifully done. Kink's Hardcore Gangbangs are fantastic and I love how she pushes boundaries."

What is coming up for you?

"Hopefully, some touring is coming up this year, along with creating more of my own content for my stores. I also have some upcoming scenes with"

If you could fuck any celebrity, who would it be?

"Jason Statham is one that pops up but I am not really into celebrities."

What single piece of advice would you give a brand new female fetish performer?

"It can definitely be very overwhelming at first but if you truly enjoy it, stick with and build something unique to yourself. Try to learn as much as you possibly can when it comes to fetishes. Just realize that it’s an art and not something that will blow up overnight."

Is there anything you want to say to your fans here at Fleshbot?

"Thank you for all of your support and you can follow me on Twitter."

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of Kink's Divine Bitches. Click right here to go watch Locke's scene with Lance Hart right now!

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