Sofia Vergara's Raft Is Un-Believa-Bull

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Im getting very good at it?? #Ihaveallsummer?

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Talk About Grab the Bull By the Cleavage

When I was younger, whenever I go to a pool, at some point I would attempt to jump on a raft as it was floating in the water. This stunt would usually end with the raft slipping out from under my feet the moment I hit and me ending up in the water. It was all fun and games, but now Sofía Vergara has gone and changed it from a game to one hell of a sexy moment.

All jokes and puns aside, I want to take a moment and truly thank the person or people behind the "inflata-bull". This invention, while I'm sure comical at the moment of conception, has now become something so grand, so beautiful, one simply cannot imagine living in a world without it. Yes, seeing Sofia Vergara attempt to ride this floating bull has no only brought back fond childhood memories, but also it's probably one of the sexiest things any of us will ever see involving an inflatable bull, a pool, and Sofia Vergara. Yes, I think it's safe to say this sight of Sofia Vergara, her cleavage, and the raft is pretty un-believa-bull.

Thank you, raft makers. Thank you Sofia Vergara. And thank you Instagram for allowing the entire world to share in the fun and beautiful moment. I know we all remember where we were when first saw Sofia Vergara on an inflatable bull.

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