Vanessa Hudgens Teases in Her New Music Video Teaser

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Thank Goodness Vanessa Hudgens Can Express Herself Artistically

While to some it might seem that the art of the music video has gone away with the fact that MTV, or Music Television, no longer plays actual music videos. Well, I say the opposite is true. Now that artists don't have the rules and regulations of basic cable television, they can feel free to truly express themselves in whatever fashion they desire. Take Vanessa Hudgens for example - do you think she could be all sexy in lingerie on MTV? Well, probably; she is extremely hot and could get away with just about anything.

But that's not the point really, the point is that Vanessa Hudgens can roll around in a bed wearing nothing more than a lace black bra and matching panties without the fear of being censored on MTV. Sure, there were plenty of racy videos back in the day, but none of them had Vanessa Hudgens. And if they did, who knows what would have happened? I'm sure back in the 980s and 1990s there would have some people who would have found Vanessa Hudgens being all sexy too much to handle and would have demanded it be blurred our or had those black bars placed over her. Thank goodness we are alive today and have other platforms for artist to display their sexy music videos.

Also, how awesome is it that is this just the teaser for Vanessa Hudgens' new music video? Talk about a tease within a teaser. I have a strong feeling the rest of the music is going to be pretty damn awesome. We'll keep our eyes out for this.

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