Demi Lovato Shows a Lotta Cleavage on Snapchat

April 20, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Demi Lovato's Cleavage Is the Point of Social Media

We can go on and on and back and forth and up and down about the point of social media. Some might say it's to stay connected to friends and family who live far away, while others think it's all about showing off their daily life. But for me, social media is all about celebrities showing off their hotness. Demi Lovato has been excelling at this - she's kind of making it an art - as we can clearly see from her cleavage-tastic Snapchat.

For a moment, a very brief moment, I wondered why there wasn't like a cleavage-only social media outlet, but let's be honest: That's all social media. Seriously, I'm a little dumbfounded at Demi Lovato's cleavage display. It's like an homage to modern bathing suit technology because I have no idea how in the world Demi Lovato's boobs are staying put. They look as if they are ready to burst forth and smile unto the world, which I think is something we would all enjoy. Until that day we'll enjoy the simply beauty of Demi Lovato's super duper awesome funtime cleavage on social media.

No matter what you believe the point of social media to be, you can't deny the awesomeness it brings us in the form of Demi Lovato's cleavage. Being close to people is great, letting the world know what you are doing is fine, but there is nothing better than cleavage; especially if that cleavage belongs to Demi Lovato.

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