"The Little Hours" Trailer Will Have You Praying For More

April 19, 2017 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

Praise Be to Nudity

Being a "movie buff," I have grown immune to trailers and teasers. There were way too many times that a trailer blew me out of the water and got me all revved up only to waste two hours of my life (I'm looking at you Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace). These days it seems like trailers are just the best parts of the movie cut together, so why bother? Well, I'll tell you why you should bother - because The Little Hours (2017) trailer is here, and if that doesn't get you excited, something is very wrong.

Okay, you have a film with Alison Brie, Kate Micucci, Jemima Kirke, and Aubrey Plaza playing nuns who aren't that holy. They are foul-mouthed, violent, and there will be nudity from all four of them. I'm going to repeat that last sentence for those in the back: There. Will. Be. Nudity. From. All. Four. Of. Them. And when I say everybody, I mean everybody, even Alison Brie. Sure, it's not a topless or full-frontal shot, but we are going to get a peek at her glorious rear end. And if you don't think that's a big enough deal, then how about a topless Aubrey Plaza? Yeah, that's kind of a big deal. And if you still aren't sure if that is enough to get you to the local cineplex, then knowing Jemima Kirke and Kate Micucci will be completely nude should do the trick. And that's just a few of the nude scenes we know about!

Man, this is going to be on hell of a good time. I think I might show up a few hours early for the first screen on June 30th. Hell, I might camp out the night before. The Little Hours is the kind of film that only comes around once in a lifetime - it is not to be missed.

via Gunpowder & Sky on YouTube

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