All Things Are Great Next to Padma Lakshmi in a Bikini

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Thank you for my body chain @alexwhiteedits. Who is it by again??

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This Is How You Thank Somebody

Of all the ways I have been thanked for a gift I've given, nothing compares to the thank you Padma Lakshmi gave to the person or store or whoever gave her this body chain. Nothing says "thank you" like Padma Lakshmi's bikini body. I really hope someone puts this Instagram post on a card.

Honestly, I don't know what to say, where to go, who to say it to, or what is even going on, Padma Lakshmi in this bikini has my head spinning like that time I stood up too fast after seeing how old I could hold my breath (don't ask). She really found the best angle to snap a picture of the body chain, though, to be honest, it took me about five minutes to realize she was wearing a body chain. My attention was focused on how low cut her bikini bottoms appear to be. They are pretty low and damn, that's pretty sexy. It wasn't until my eyes wandered a little farther north to Padma Lakshmi's cleavage did I notice something in-between two perfect breasts. How did I miss it on her beautiful stomach? I have no idea, that's just what Padma Lakshmi's body in a bikini does to me.

So forget flowers, cards, and the box of chocolates. Padma Lakshmi has made saying Thank You incredibly difficult for everyone. Well, I mean, I guess it's not that difficult. You just need to send this picture with some nice words and that's it. Hell, you'd could probably leave the nice words out.

via Padma Lakshmi on Instagram

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