I Love Seeing the Moon During the Day, Especially Ireland Basinger-Baldwin's

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finally ?

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Now That's a Heavenly Body

They say that a solar eclipse is one of the coolest celestial events anyone can ever witness. Sure, it might be cool, but for me, the best thing is when the sun is shining bright and you can see then moon. Though, I guess I really shouldn't thank the heavens for this one, I should just thank whoever or wherever Ireland Basinger-Baldwin got this bikini. Without it, this would just a normal sun-drenched shore.

Then again, nothing beats seeing two Baldwins in bikinis and I'm not talking about Stephen and Alec (let that thought nest in your head). Yes, it would seem that Ireland was getting a touch upstaged by her sister Alaia Baldwin. Or at least I think that's her sister. I guess it could be a cousin or something, there are quite a few Baldwins out there. And yes, I know could totally look it up, but I enjoy a good mystery and this one I'm going to leave unknown. Seriously, don't comment about their relation, I don't what to know. All I want to know is that Ireland Basinger-Baldwin and Alaia Baldwin both look great in bikinis. Though there is a special place in my heart for Ireland, so she will also be my favorite Baldwin, just like Alec.

Many people go to the beach for the sun or the waves or the sand (why the sand I'll never know), but I love to anywhere there is an Ireland moon. Thankfully I never have to travel far because it's usually on Instagram.


always stealing my thunder ⚡️

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