Best of Reddit: Current and Former Sex Workers/Sugar Babies Talk Work Sex vs. Romantic Sex

April 18, 2017 | Posted in Editorial Features by colette-callaway

For this week's "Best of Reddit," I wanted to check out a topic that is endlessly fascinating to so many: The life of a sugar baby or sex worker. Or, in this case, the difference between their personal and professional sex lives. I sifted through "Current and former sex workers and sugar babies: What is the biggest difference in sex with a romantic partner vs sex for money/favors? What is surprisingly similar? What difference/similarity would surprise people the most?" to find some of the most interesting stuff on the subject:

Sometimes the guys are nice...

... and sometimes they're not

They make great money

It's not stressful for everyone

Guys are sex workers, too!

The customer perspective is interesting too

Some people's relationships are worse 

No, really

Cuddling is also a thing

Sex and affection are both on the menu

Attraction is still a component, but not as problematic for some as others


The sugar baby who posted the last two comments did an entire AMA on the subject, which you can check out for even more info. It turns out sex work isn't terribly different from many other jobs: Some people love doing it, and some people hate it. 

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