Tan Is Looking Good, Britney Spears

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You've Earned a Day at the Beach, Britney!

Typically when I go to the beach, which isn't that often, upon my return home it looks as if I never went anywhere at all. That's because I do my best to avoid the sun when I hit the sands. Whether I apply a nice thick layer of the highest SPF sunscreen I'm legally allowed to buy or just find the one shady spot on the beach, getting a tan in not really for me. But thank goodness Britney Spears is all about getting a nice, golden tan and showing it off on Instagram.

Of course since it's me, my first thought upon seeing Britney's fantastically tanned bikini body was, "I bet Britney Spears has some awesome tan lines under that bikini" and then I thought "Oh, and I wish we could see her smiling face in this Instagram post... but also she probably has some sexy tan lines." The mind works in mysterious ways, am I right, people? Yeah, I'm totally right. Hey, Britney Spears has a fantastic body and we've seen how hard she works to keep it that way. If she wants to catch some rays then she should catch some rays. A little sun is good for you and a little sun on Britney Spears' incredibly body is great for all us.

Since I highly doubt I'll be headed to any beach anytime soon, I'll just close my eyes and picture Britney having a grand old time. Wait, I'm not doing that, I need to keep my eyes open to stare at Britney Spears' awesome bikini body.

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