A Topless Heidi Klum Makes Fishing Awesome

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Gone Fishin !!! ?

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Heidi Klum Gives "Gone Fishing" a Whole New Meaning

To be honest, I have never understood finishing. The idea of sitting for hours, silently on a boat, with a rod and a line that has a worm on the end of it doesn't really seem all that appealing to me. No offense to anyone who gets their jollies by fishing, it's just something that really isn't for me. Though, I will say - there is one thing I absolutely love about fishing and that is when Heidi Klum does it topless.

You know, I also don't really eat a lot of fish, no matter how healthy it is for you, because I don't like the taste. It's too... fishy tasting. So, that might be another reason why I have never found myself enjoy the "sport" of fishing. And then there's the fact that I've never gone fishing with a topless Heidi Klum. If that was an option, I'd probably go out and buy a rod, tackle box, and one of those vests with all the pockets. And I wouldn't actually have to be in the same boat as a topless Heidi Klum fishing. Hell, I wouldn't even have to be in the same body of water as her, just as long as I know that where at the same moment I'm casting a line into the water Heidi Klum and her awesome boobs are doing that same, that'll work just fine, just fine indeed.

So until the day when one can fish with a topless Heidi Klum, I guess I'll just hang out on land. If I'm going to sit quietly for hours somewhere, it might as well be where I can look at Heidi Klum topless.

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