Savvy Taylor, More Like Sexy Taylor

April 14, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

No Way Any of Us Will Forget Savvy Taylor's Hotness

I have no idea if Savvy Taylor is, in fact, Savvy Taylor's real name. It sounds like it's made up, so that leads me to believe that's actually her name. While it's unique, creative, and totally a name that no one will forget, she could be named Jane Nobody and I highly doubt anyone would forget her sexiness. Savvy Taylor is pretty damn sexy.

I don't know if they are trying to go with a farmer's daughter and/or sexy country girl look, but that's the vibe that is coming across in these really great pics of Savvy Taylor. You know, when you kind of think about it, Savvy Taylor is kind of a country girl name. Sure, it's modern and hip and cool, but it could also work for a woman who spent her days topless in a metal tub or standing topless in a field. Of course, I could totally be putting this together in my head because I'm staring at pictures of Savvy Taylor topless in the country. Can you blame me? No, you really can't.

Whether Savvy Taylor is really named Savvy Taylor or something else, we won't be letting her slip from our minds any time soon. Now that she's done this country girl spread, I'm kind of hoping her next one is futuristic themed. I have a feeling she will be just as sexy, especially if she's topless.

photos via Tristan Kallas

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