Jemima Kirke and Dennis Quaid Chatted About Unintended Boners on "Watch What Happens Live"

April 13, 2017 | Posted in straight by holly-kingstown

Erections Happen Everywhere!

Bravo host Andy Cohen recently had HBO "Girls" star Jemima Kirke and screen legend Dennis Quaid on his show and he decided to ask them the same question that came up when he recently had Kirke's co-star Allison Williams and screen legend Samuel L. Jackson on the show. The topic was again unintended erections during sex scenes by actors and Quaid was not interested in sharing his previous experiences on the topic at all. Kirke insisted that Quaid had to have had some, pointing to his performance in "The Big Easy" back in 1987 which the very gorgeous Ellen Barkin. Yeah, wow, Barkin was fucking hot back then. 

Kirke expressed on the show that she thinks that the erections give her "information" about her co-stars and yeah, a boner is most definitely information about the person you are being intimate with. I can't blame Quaid for not sharing everything about his work days, though. He openly talks about being in a threeway in the past and that he "never had had any complaints" about the size of his cock. Woohoo! That's always nice to hear.

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