And You Thought Ali Michael Was Scary Sexy Before...

April 12, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Ali Michael Is Scary, Sexy, and Scary Sexy

I must admit that I have never been one for horror movies. Sure, I have seen some of them, and I have even been scared by some of them - and no, that's not because something scared me and I peed a little in a crowded movie theater - I'm just not a fan of the genre. But I have to admit that after seeing Ali Michael all horror movied out, I'm starting to think this genre might be really sexy.

Also, I'd like to say how great it is to have a magazine called King Kong and it actually have something to do with movies in a way. I mean, this Ali Michael spread could easily have been in the pages of a number of different magazines with strange titles like Alligator or Seven Faces or Hot People in See Through Tops and it wouldn't make much sense... well, maybe that last one would. But that's not the point. The point is that Ali Michael in a magazine called King Kong dressed up as sexy horror movie characters works on so many levels. Of course, the main level being Ali Michael's awesome boobs in a few see-through tops. And that pierced nipple is also high the list.

To those lovers of being scared, I'm sure these sexy Ali Michael photos are just going to put the jump in your scare. And for everyone like me, you can still find something to enjoy.

Photos via King Kong

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