Allison WIlliams Chats With the Nerdist About That "Girls" Ass Eating Scene

April 8, 2017 | Posted in straight by holly-kingstown

Allison Is a Total Pro!

TV and movie star Allison Williams is out in the world doing all kinds of media for the blockbuster "Get Out" and the final season of the HBO series "Girls" simultaneously and she just made an appearance on The Nerdist podcast. 

In the episode hosted by Nerdist founder Chris Hardwick and his bestie Matt Mira, Williams chatted openly about a lot of topics, but the one that I am guessing will interest a whole lot of you was the topic of that infamous scene of Williams getting rimmed in an episode of "Girls" last season.

Williams shares that during that faux tryst she wore "giant menstrual pads... so that he didn't feel that he had to come into contact with anything real" and she talks about how there were "layers and layers and layers of things with nothing being visible from the side."

She does reveal that the motorboating of her ass was a complete surprise to her so yeah, that and her reaction there was real even if the rest was all padded up, folks.

"It's definitely weird and I am glad it's not something I am nervous about," 'Williams said of doing simulated sex scenes and talks about how comedy in the scenes makes doing the sex easier.

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