Charlotte McKinney Just Keeps Getting Hotter and Hotter

April 7, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Charlotte McKinney Must Have Some Magical Objects

To say Charlotte McKinney is one of the most beautiful people in the universe is putting it lightly. She's quite possibly in possession of some kind of magical object (or objects) that gives her the ability to appear hotter than the last time we saw her. And maybe one day we'll see these magical objects and truly understand her beauty. If you hadn't caught on yet, I'm talking about her boobs.

And as we all know, the day is fast approaching when we finally see Charlotte McKinney topless. We've gotten a peek at it, but really haven't be able to see those pictures in their full glory and you know they are going to be full of glory, just glory all over the place, tons and tons of glory, more glory than you can wrap your head around... wait, what were talking about? Hey, look, Charlotte McKinney taking a shower outside! How freaking hot is that? Did I tell you guys what great boobs Charlotte McKinney possesses? They are really awesome.

I have no doubt that even after we gaze upon the awesomeness of a topless Charlotte McKinney, pictures like these will still be just as awesome. After all, her magical objects aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Again, I'm talking about her boobs.

Photos via Summum

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