Lea Michele Being Sexy, As Always

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No Matter What She Does, Lea Michele Does It Sexily 

With tax season in full swing, we are reminded of the few constants in this world: Death, taxes, and Lea Michele posting sexy pictures of herself on Instagram. Yeah, life is ever changing so it's nice to have Lea Michele sexiness to keep us centered.

Yes, every single time I see Lea Michele's Instagram feed she's either in bed or rocking a bikini. Though this time around, it's a sexy one-piece that leaves very little to the imagination. Well, that's not true - I think all of our imaginations are in overdrive right now. Lea Michele's ass looks pretty damn fantastic and that will stir the minds of the greatest thinkers this world has every seen. Which brings me to my next point, Lea Michele needs to do a nude scene. That's just all there is to that. She took her top off on stage when she was on Broadway so she needs to do the same in a movie. Or a television show. Where isn't really the issue, more that is should happen sooner rather than later.

Until that wonderful day happens we can all gather around Lea Michele's Instagram for nice reminder of how freaking sexy she is. You know, it's that consistency that makes her so damn sexy. Well, that and her incredible body. I mean, you see her ass in that bathing suit, right? Damn.


Tan lines?

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