Are Those Ophélie Guillermand's Boobs in the Painting?

April 13, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Ophélie Guillermand's Breasts Are a Work of Art

Nothing demands attention like a great pair of boobs, not unlike the ones Ophélie Guillermand has, and yet I find myself wondering if those boobs in the painting above a topless Ophélie Guillermand are here boobs. If they are, is that painting for sale because I'd like to have that hanging in my home. They would look great next to these two topless pics of Ophélie Guillermand.

Also, is that painting in 3-D? Like I know that painting itself is a real, three-dimensional object, but are the boobs in the painting sticking out from the canvas? And if so, how could you possible ask someone not to touch them? If that painting was in a gallery you'd have to station a guard by it at all times. But enough about the painted boobs, let's focus on Ophélie Guillermand's boobs. She has a rather splendid rack. Some might say her boobs are beautiful enough to be immortalized in a work of art... if they aren't already.

The only problem I have with these photos is there are only two. I crossing my fingers and toes that maybe this is just a preview of a larger photo shoot and soon we'll have more nude photos of Ophélie Guillermand to gaze upon. I mean, she's got some amazing... tanlines! Yeah, you knew I was going there. It would seem that f Ophélie Guillermand has been rocking a strapless bikini, which is a pretty awesome mental picture. It does appear she has the bottom tanline as well, but we won't know for sure until we see more Ophélie Guillermand.

Photos by Sonia Sieff

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