Juliana Schurig Shows Off a Lot of Boob in Tush Magazine

April 3, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

No One Would Mind More Juliana Schurig Ass

Conventional wisdom says that a magazine called "Tush" would most likely be about butts. Either that or it would be a magazine about horse dentistry. And yet these few images of Juliana Schurig, while awesome, are pretty much all about the boobs.

I'm not complaining, nope, not one bit, just pondering something while staring at the awesome breasts of Juliana Schurig. And yes, we do get to see Juliana Schurig's tush. There is one single, kind of dark, some a side angle pic of her rear end. It looks like Juliana Schurig has a pretty nice butt and even though I'm a total boob guy I wouldn't mind seeing more of Juliana Schurig's ass. Though, if I'm being honest, I'd just like to see more Juliana Schurig period. She's hot and she's got a beautiful body with... tan lines! Yeah, you knew I wasn't going to let that fact slide. Yeah, Juliana Schurig has some fantastic tan lines and I have a feeling her bottom tan lines are just as great. We get a hint of what they might be in a couple of these pics, but it would be great if we could know for sure.

Oh wait, I get it. It's called "Tush" and full of boobs to be ironic. Yeah, okay, fine, if you want to do that, you go on and do that, people at Tush Magazine. As long as we get to see a nude Juliana Schurig you can call your magazine whatever you want.

Photos via Tush

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