Rihanna Takes an Iconic Shower for “Bates Motel”

March 29, 2017 | Posted in straight by holly-kingstown


Rihanna Survives Her "Bates Motel" Shower!

Pop star Rihanna did her turn in the role of notorious "Psycho" victim Marion Crane on A & E's "Bates Motel", the television show based on the Alfred Hitchcock classic movie and Rihanna was just too sexy/awesome to die in that shower like she pretty much was supposed to if things had gone the way that they had in the TV series' source material. 

Instead, we get to see her get (mostly) nude and wet, Norman Bates (Freddie Highmore) covertly watches her along with us before she gives up on her time with that hotel-sized bar of Ivory soap and gets her pretty ass out on out there. 

Cheating husband Austin Nichols got to be the one who had a date with Mother/Norman Bates/a knife after getting dumped by girlfriend Rihanna and I have to say that seeing her dodge that death in favor of that jerk getting it was damn awesome. Of course, I would have liked more time looking at Rihanna in that shower but that is one of the very great things about Mr Skin.

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