"Billions" Continues to Prove Its Worth With More Malin Akerman Nudity

March 27, 2017 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush


Plot Be Damned, It's All About Milan Akerman's Boobs

I know Billions is about a hedge fund manager and an attenory and money and power and all that stuff, but if they decided they wanted to become a light hearted musical about farmers in space, I really wouldn't care as long as they continued to have Malin Åkerman topless, I'd keep watching. I wouldn't complain one bit about the show taking place on Enceladus and everyone singing their feelings, if it means I still get to see Malin Akerman's boob I'm fully on board. 

Sure, some of the drama might go out there window. I mean what do space farmers really have to argue about. Land I guess, but there are plenty of moons out there I'm sure they could all find plenty of moon land for farming. Anyway, the plot of Billions: A Space Farming Musical really isn't the point. We don't really care. All we care about is Malin Akerman and will she continue to be nude. I honestly believe the answer would be yes and I kind of have to admit now I really do want them to take this turn, you know why? Malin Akerman's boobs in space. Let me say that again, Malin Akerman, topless, in space. Yeah, that's a pretty awesome idea for a television show.

Or they can totally stick with the drama they've already created, whatever. I guess people aren't bored with rich dudes and powerful dudes fighting each other. Well, that and Malin Akerman's boobs, but that is something we will truly never grow bored with.

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