Katharine McPhee Like Dog Pics, We Like Katharine McPhee Cleavage Pics

March 24, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Don't Listen To John Mayer. Ever.

Some of you might not have known that yesterday was National Puppy Day, a day in which we celebrate puppies. But for us dog owners, like Katharine McPhee, every day we celebrate puppies. And just like Katharine McPhee we celebrate by filling our social media with pictures of furry friends. The only difference is when Katharine McPhee posts a dog pic, it's a whole hell of a lot sexier.

Now before I go on and on about how awesome Katharine McPhee's cleavage is, I feel the need to also tell John Mayer to shut the hell up. I know that there are many reasons to tell John Mayer to shut the hell up, but this time around it's for complaining about Katharine McPhee's social media feeds; which according to him are all pictures of dogs. Well, Mr. Mayer, you sir are a fool of the highest honor. Speaking as someone who is quite found of Katharine McPhee's social media I know for a fact it's more than just dogs. There's cleavage pics, bikini pics, cleavage bikini pics, and yes sometimes there are dogs, but that doesn't mean you should be complaining about it. You know, Mr. John Mayer, maybe you should stick to writing songs for college girls to claim to be "about them" and leave Katharine McPhee's social media to the rest of us.  Also, Katharine McPhee has great cleavage.

You keep on posting whatever the hell you want on your social media Katharine McPhee. Don't listen to John Mayer. You post as many dog and cleavage pics as you want.

via Katharine McPhee on Instagram

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