#TBT The Windmill Theatre in All Its Nude Glory

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The 1950s Were Kind of Hot

While many people don't look back at the 1950s and think it was the best time for nudity, it turns out for one theatre in London (The Windmill Theatre), the motto was, "If it moves, it's nude." And now some of the original photos of various nude performers are going up for action.

The Windmill Theatre actually opened back in 1931, but it wasn't all that successful. The owner of the theatre, a woman by the name of Laura Henderson, decided to make a little change to the type of productions they would put on. Traditional plays were pushed to the side and in its place, variety shows and lots of nudity. If all of this sounds a little bit familiar to you, that's because the movie Mrs. Henderson Presents (2005) is the story of this theatre. Now, they didn't just have nude women on stage, the Windmill Theatre also had famous comedians like Peter Sellers and Bruce Forsyth, but most of the tickets sold were thanks to the nudity. Over the years, the Windmill Theatre lost popularity due to the changing nature of how the public view nudity - it remained open through WWII - and sadly had to close its doors. But now thanks to a private collector, these really awesome black and white photos will be up for auction. If you might be interested, you can check out Duke Auctions for more info.

It's kind of sad when you think about it - there really isn't a Gentleman's Club like this anymore. Sure, we have tons of strip clubs, but wouldn't it be kind of fun to watch some people ballroom dance while completely nude women pretend to be statues behind them?

via The Sun

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