Sara Jean Underwood Should Start a Camp for Nudity

March 22, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Sara Jean Underwood Loves Camping and Nudity

From what I can gather, there are two things that Sara Jean Underwood loves more than anything else: the great outdoors and being nude. This latest Instagram post is just the latest in a long time of super sexy camping pics. So, it got me wondering: Why doesn't Sara Jean Underwood open up some kind of campsite for people to come and enjoy the outdoors completely nude?

I'm not saying that in order for this business to be successful, Sara Jean Underwood would have to be at the camp not wearing anything at all times. It would probably work just as well if visitors receive some kind of welcome pack that included information on the camp: the rules and regulations, fun tips, things to do, and of course, each page would have a different nude Sara Jean Underwood pic. And it wouldn't hurt if the camp also had some Sara Jean Underwood nude pics scattered around, like hung up on trees or something. All I'm getting at is that Sara Jean Underwood wearing little to no clothes in the woods is hot and she's sitting on a goldmine. Sara Jean Underwood Camp For Nudity would be one of the biggest travel destinations in the whole wide world.

And yes, I know she's not totally nude in this particular Instagram pic, but why in the world would you be thinking about that? Sara Jean Underwood's ass is right there. Now imagine that image with a list of dos and donts printed down both sides. Pretty awesome, isn't it?

Via Sara Jean Underwood on Instagram

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