Kate Hudson Is Also Sexy in Regular Clothes

March 22, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Kate Hudson Knows What Looks Good on Her: Everything

When you have the body of Kate Hudson - and let's all admit that only Kate Hudson has a Kate Hudson body - it's not surprising that you would spend most of your time in bikinis or tight yoga gear. But man cannot live on bread alone, so every so often, Kate Hudson needs to put away that two-piece and put on a pair of shorts and a blazer, and you know what? Kate Hudson looks pretty damn good in regular clothes.

One might actually go so far as to say that Kate Hudson looks better than most in everyday wear and I would be hard-pressed to argue with that. Though, if you want my humble opinion, Kate Hudson has and always will look the best in faux fur trimmed winter coat and a pair of panties. But I will say that I could see what you are saying, Kate Hudson is hot. She knows what looks good on her. Then again, everything looks good on her. I mean, can you think of an ensemble that Kate Hudson wouldn't look great in? Yeah, I can't think of anything either.

So while we wait for the next sexy bikini Instagram post or latest yoga pants photo spread, let's enjoy a regularly dressed Kate Hudson. One could call this the Kate about town look. Kate Hudson does make going about town look pretty damn good.

Photos via Harper's Bazaar

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