War Machine Found Guilty of Violence/Sexual Assault Against Christy Mack and Friend

March 21, 2017 | Posted in Pornstars by holly-kingstown

Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Are Never OK

MMA fighter/former adult performer War Machine AKA Jon Koppenhaver was found guilty yesterday in a Las Vegas court of 29 counts relating to the 2014 incident where he entered the home of adult performer Christy Mack without her consent while she had friend Corey Thomas over. It took the jury a day and half to reach their verdicts. He was found guilty of multiple counts of battery, sexual assault against Mack, dissuading witnesses, and kidnapping. The jury was deadlocked on the counts of attempted murder against Mack and Thomas, and the jury declared Machine not guilty of burglary with a deadly weapon, intent to commit sexual assault, and coercion sexually motivated.

Machine is facing life in prison for these charges, even without those murder charges coming through, according to Las Vegas district attorney Jacqueline Bluth as reported by KVVU reporter Adam Herbets. The state still has the option to rehear those deadlocked murder charges. I hope that they do so there is less of a chance of this guy ever getting released. 

In the early morning of August 8th, Machine broke into Mack's home while Mack was asleep in bed with friend Thomas. Prosecutors say that Machine assaulted Thomas and after Machine allowed Thomas to leave the home, Machine badly beat and attempted to rape Mack. She was left with injuries that included broken teeth and broken facial bones, organ damage, and a fractured rib along with massive bruising all over her body. Machine attempted to escape arrest and got captured by US marshals in a motel in Simi Valley, California after a week on the run. He attempted suicide in prison awaiting trial and presented himself later during the proceedings as having converted to Christianity. Machine was also reprimanded by a judge for laughing at Mack as she testified about the abuse during a pre-trial hearing.

Machine's sentencing will take place in May. Mack tweeted: "Today was a great victory for myself, as well as victims of DV everywhere. Please continue to speak out, and stay strong!"

The image of Mack above is from her scene in Wicked Pictures' "Skin Tight".

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