#TBT Stacey Dash in Playboy

March 16, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

One of the Best Playboy Spreads of All Time

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who remembers the first time they say Stacey Dash. For me, it was Clueless (1995) and if I'm being honest here I had more a crush on her than Alicia Silverstone. So when she shed her clothes for Playboy back in 2006, you know I rushed right out and bought a couple of copies. There is no doubt these are sexiest pictures of Stacey Dash ever, ever, ever.

Stacey Dash was one of those beauties who I was certain would never, ever do nudity. She was always in the good girl rules, never in something where she could show off her sexy body in a sexy way. And you know what, Stacey Dash sort of felt the same way - or as she put it:

Everybody thought I did Playboy so I could boost my career, but in actually it wasn't. I did it for myself. I'm a woman who just entered my 40’s per say and I wanted to feel sexy. It wasn't to heighten my career. I don't need playboy for that. It was strictly for me. Posing for Playboy was a liberating experience. I was always thought to be the innocent, conservative actress. Playing school girls… LOL… And when I did the shoot for Playboy, it was like a burden was lifted off me like I'm not the innocent actress anymore… lol

This was one of those moments when I was never so happy to have been so wrong. I'm proud to say I was wrong. Hell, I'll say it again - "I was wrong about never seeing Stacey Dash nude!" No problem being wrong because in this instance, being wrong never looked so damn sexy. Via batty for nudity 2For more nude pics and videos of Stacey Dash, head over to Mr. Skin.

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