Paris Jackson Looks an Awful Lot Like Madonna

March 16, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

It's Kind of Freaking Me Out... In a Good Way

I'm not in the rumor business nor do I care much for rumors, but I may end up starting an accident. Paris Jackson looks way too much like Madonna for nothing more than make-up and lighting. The only possible answer is that Paris Jackson is the secret child of Madonna and Michael Jackson - or this is a total CGI job.

Seriously, I can't get over it. I'm sure the people behind this spread went for some kind of Madonna-like look for all the pictures, but this too much. She looks like Madonna. Not like a Madonna look-a-like or Madonna lite, Paris Jackson looks as if she's going to be starring in a movie about Madonna. You know, maybe she is. There could totally be a movie about Madonna in the works that will star Paris Jackson. I bet she can sing, probably just like Madonna. Holy Strike-a-pose-Vogue, Batman, now I'm super excited. I don't even know if this real or not, but you know a movie about Madonna would have to have nudity and that would mean we'd get to see Paris Jackson nude! Please, someone, turn this idea into a reality!

Well, I may have crushed my own rumor, which is totally fine. And whether there is a Paris Jackson as Madonna movie in the works or not, we can all stare at this pics, close our eyes, and see a movie in our minds.

Photos via Harper's Bazaar

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