Katherine Curtis Strips and Gets Sassy Over at Naked News

March 16, 2017 | Posted in straight by alice-wyke

Katherine Gives Great Naked News!

Cute blonde Katherine Curtis is one very hot news anchor who delivers the the latest in Hollywood and print nudity info over at Naked News. She is the one giving all of the latest Hollywood TV and movie nudity info straight from Mr. Skin in this report and she delivers the report's customary puns with sass, class. and a view of that ass. Awesome! Excellent nude moments starring Hera Hilmar, Charlotte Rampling, and Kristen Stewart, but mostly starring the boobs of screen legend Julie Andrews as seen in the new Blu-Ray of "S.O.B." that is out now. 

Andrews' rack means an appearance of the Naked News choir happens and really, I think the Naked News choir should be something that is in my life way more often. All those boobs and happy singing just make any day brighter and combine those with the right of Andrews' luscious jugs - oh, and KStew's rack too, fuck!- and well, you know you need some personal time over at Naked News. C'mon, treat yourself! You totally deserve it! Curtis' ass will make your day better!

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