Elexis Monroe Dominates Her Stepdaughter Jasmine Summers Over at Mommy’s Girl

March 16, 2017 | Posted in Hardcore by holly-kingstown

Elexis Keeps Her Stepdaughter Close and Sexually Busy!

Elexis Monroe is at the end of her marriage to teen stepdaughter Jasmine Summers' asshole of a father in their scene together over at Mommy's Girl directed by Alan E. (AKA Stills By Alan). Summers comes home from school and Monroe and her dad are fighting and the whole thing is scary to young Summers but she tells her dad that she is only wanting to live with her stepmom Monroe.

Monroe is emotional and decides to blow off some steam by taking her mutual attraction with Summers to the next level. She tells Summers just what she wants through their hot lesbian fuck with the teen being confused and apprehensive at first of her stepmom's lusts but well, it all feels just so good that resisting those advances just really seems like a bad idea. Summers definitely knows how to lick a pussy and older Monroe definitely loves grinding herself down on young Summers' pretty face. The action between these two is very hot and definitely unforgettable. Go check it on out!

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