Charlize Theron Says Movie Nudity Is No Big Deal for Her

March 14, 2017 | Posted in straight by holly-kingstown

Charlize Says Movie Nakedness Is "Nothing"!

Charlize Theron is in Austin at SXSW promoting her kickass new action movie "Atomic Blonde". In it, Theron plays a hard-living and hard-fucking bisexual female spy who takes zero shit and gets exactly the sex she wants. The movie comes out in late July and it looks like it is going to be pretty fucking great. Take a minute to watch the trailer above, assuming you are down for watching some violent stuff.

Theron gets to enjoy the attentions of French spy Sofia Boutella in this movie and Theron said to ET Canada, "She's a dancer, I'm a dancer. So, we're a little bit like - you know dancers are like, 'What? Being naked is nothing,' of their lesbian sex in this.

She said of Boutella's casting, "Seducing her? It's very easy, she's gorgeous! She was just great. She was the only actress that we looked at. She came over, she hung out with me and [director] Dave [Leitch] and there was something about her that was so genuinely innocent and yet incredibly strong, that she was really perfect for the film."

Yeah, I love the whole Theron being down with lesbian sex scenes and nudity thing so very, very much. 

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