How Much Is Too Much Emily Ratajkowski?

March 14, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Emily Ratajkoski in a Bikini Is as Important as Air, Water, and Fire

Sometimes it's important that we all take a moment and really look at something we love. Ask ourselves, do we love this for the right reasons? Is this a positive thing in our lives? And are we overdoing it? When it comes to Emily Ratajkowski wearing a bikini the answers are yes, very much yes, and no way in hell.

Sure, I've totally run out of things to say about Emily Ratajkowski in a bikini - there wasn't much to be said in the first place. There really isn't a proper word for how unbelievable amazing Emily Ratajkowski looks in a bikini - you really just have to see for yourself. And that's the thing, we've all seen for ourselves hundreds upon hundreds of times and yet we never grow tired of it. We will never grow tired of it, it's Emily Ratajkowski in a bikini! That's like saying, "I'm getting of tired of breathing in all this oxygen. Who needs all this oxygen all the time anyway?" Yes, I just compared seeing Emily Ratajkowski in a bikini to breathing in order to stay alive. I fully stand by this. If you think that's a bit much, go a month - no, a week - hell, a day without seeing Emily Ratajkowski in a bikini and tell me how you feel after.

Emily Ratajkowsk's bikini adventures have become part of our everyday, it's our way of life. Being without her in a bikini is... is... I'm sorry, I got a little choked up thinking about not seeing Emily Ratajkowski in a bikini. I can't go on talking about that; it makes me too sad. I'm going to need to cheer myself up by looking at Emily Ratajkowski in a bikini.

Via Emily Ratajkowski On Instagram

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