Abby Winters: 'Carmina and Karlijn' Review

March 11, 2017 | Posted in Hardcore by colette-callaway

A very specific niche I've long gravitated to is lesbian seduction porn - the kind where one girl is acting as if she has never had a girl-on-girl experience before and her scene partner is seducing her. You can imagine my excitement when one of the performers really has never done girl-on-girl and is learning and experimenting right there on camera. It's not common, and it's often captured most authentically by small studios that offer low-pressure, casual settings for the action. 

Enter: Abby Winters, an amateur site for amateur models in amateur locations in amateur outfits. In short, this is (quite intentionally) as "real-life" as you can get in terms of shooting porn. The majority of the models are European, which I particularly enjoy, probably because I am not. The two lovely ladies in today's scene, simply titled "Carmina and Karlijn" (in the Girl/Girl section) are wearing leggings on one of the girl's beds, which is totally strewn with clothes. (Realistic, no?) And you may notice: Carmina is a young Amarna Miller, likely prior to taking her stage name. 

Her scene partner Karlijn lets us know that this is her first girl scene and her first girl-on-girl experience ever. I was initially very skeptical of this, considering her skill level and the fact that this is, you know, porn, but it's the girl/girl shoot of hers on the site. (One other was uploaded earlier, but in the intro video, she once again refers to back to her first experience with Carmina.) Considering it was shot 5 years ago and the model was only 18 at the time, I choose to believe. 

Not that it matters, of course - this scene is wonderful regardless. It begins with Carmina helping Karlijn choose an outfit for wherever she's going later. They chat a bit beforehand, about the scene they're about to shoot (a sort of transparency I'm not used to but immediately enjoy) before Karlijn ropes her in for a makeout. They're both clad in leggings, and by the time they lay down on the bed, you can tell Karlijn has warmed up quite a bit. There's a lot of rubbing each other over their clothes (a form of early teasing and stimulation that is always fab) and all of a sudden, Carmina/Amarna whips off her outfit's little sash and blindfolds Karlijn with it. Fantastic! 

My favorite part of Abby Winter's videos is that they're not choreographed. Angles are quite obviously still important here, but you certainly get the sense that the performers are just going at it the way that comes naturally. One fantastic shot is of Carmina eating out Karlijn - the super close-up camera shows the way she alternates her tongue's motion between licking, a flat-tongue pressure, clit-sucking, and more. And Karlijn immediately makes use of the lick-between-your-fingers-while-eating-out-and-fingering-at-the-same-time, which is equally hot (and, um, impressive). 

This, like my last review, sticks out to me, because the flow of the scene is so varied - oral and fingering and rubbing and kissing alternate, making for a bit more stamina - not just on their part, but also ours as the viewers. It helps remind me that oral isn't necessarily just a warm up for either party, and that you get to make up your own rules as you go.  


While there is certainly a time and place (or many of both) for more choreographed scenes and roles, I have a profound love of scenes as raw as this one. Not just in setting and costume, either - watching two women who have so masterfully come to understand what feels good at such a young age is instructive and delightful, not to mention sexy. It's a relatable scene - something you might imagine happening two apartments down from you at any time - and in that way, reminds you how wonderful sex really is here in our lives with the people we have it with. 

Every indie studio is different, but each brings a certain quirk that will shake up how you look at porn and sex. If I've learned anything, it's that watching diverse content is as important as trying new things - so my challenge to you this weekend? Watch this scene or another one you find on an indie producer's site, and let me know how it went. 

Happy Friday, folks. 

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