Sara Sampaio Makes a Ferrari Look Hot

March 13, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Sleek Lines and Great Curves... And the Car's Not Bad Either

Growing up, most of us had a dream car. Most likely it was a Porsche or a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. There was just something about the look of those cars that made every one of us want one. But as we grew older, most of us let go of those dreams cars. Now, whenever I see one of those fancy cars, I really don't understand why I wanted one as a kid. Unless it comes with a Sara Sampaio draped over the hood, I'd rather just get a car that gets great gas mileage.

I know that Ferrari's and such are status symbols and they go really fast, but I kind of wonder if they really are that great of cars. I mean, do you really need Sara Sampaio half dressed and hanging out of the front seat to help make your car look cool? You don't see Sara Sampaio naked on the hood of a Honda Civic and those cars are incredibly popular and super reliable. They don't really need Sara Sampaio getting undressed to help boost sales. Though, it probably wouldn't hurt and you never know until you try, so, why not get Sara Sampaio to be all sexy on some Hondas. Just thinking about that has me wondering if it's time to get a new car and wondering if I should look into a Honda.

I'm not knocking Ferrari or anyone who wants one. After all, if you get Sara Sampaio to pose mostly nude next to your product, you would totally hire her in a second. To me, a car is a car and nothing more. But Sara Sampaio, well, that's something really worth looking at.

Photos via GQ Italy

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