Must Be Hard to Concentrate Around Kaley Cuoco in Yoga Pants

March 10, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Kaley Cuoco As an Ass for Yoga

Being around a beautiful woman, no matter who you are, can be quite distracting. There is just something about her beauty that makes it hard to do even the simplest of tasks, much less try to do something out of the ordinary. So, one can easily understand why Kunal Nayyar is tumbling over next to Kaley Cuoco in yoga pants.

And don't give me that "maybe he just can't do a handstand, those are really tough" business. You can't tell me that if you saw Kaley Cuoco in yoga pants all of sudden that you wouldn't find it hard to breathe or hard to walk or hard to blink. It makes things even harder because Kaley Cuoco is in quite the sexy position. Yes, I said it, handstands are sexy. Besides the level of difficulty and the strength one must have in order to do it, Kaley Cuoco's ass looks pretty damn awesome in a handstand. Toss in a hint of a tattoo just above that lovely rump and that's one dangerous combo. All those combined and the handstand is one sexy move. Though might be true only in the case of Kaley Cuoco in yoga pants.

None of us will ever outgrow being all messed up by a pretty girl. Sure, there are some who will pretend they are all cool and being around someone as sexy as Kaley Cuoco is no big deal, but deep down they are fighting with all their might to not pass out from the hotness.

Via Kaley Cuoco on Instagram

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