Top Ten Hottest Celebrities to Pose for "Playboy"

March 11, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

An Ode to Glossy Nudes

As we all know, Playboy recently decided to go non-nude and our hearts sank. For many of us, Playboy gave us our first glimpse at a beautiful nude woman, and believing those days of the glossy nudes would be over was simply too much for us to bear. But then, a miracle: Playboy declared it had come to its senses and decided to go back to having nudes. What better way to celebrate this wonderful return to sanity then by counting down the Top Ten Hottest Celebrities to Pose for Playboy?

Now, believe me when I say this list was very difficult to make. There was a lot of arguing and a lot of very solid arguments as to why someone had to make the list. Honestly, we could do three, four, or even 15 different versions, but in the end, this top ten feels like the best list we could come up with. And while we are sure there will be one or two disagreements, overall we think you'll agree. So, let's grab that magazine from under the mattress and count down the hotties!

Top Ten Celebrity to Pose for Playboy

10. Jenny McCarthy (June 1994)

9. Stacey Dash (August 2006)

8. Carmen Electra (April 2003)

7. Kristy Swanson (November 2002)

6. Vida Guerra (July 2006)

5. Pamela Anderson (October 1989)

4. Bo Derek (March 1980)

3. Kelly Brook (September 2010)

2. Marilyn Monroe (December 1953)

And the #1 Hottest Celebrity to Pose for Playboy is... Cindy Crawford (July 1988)

There you have it - our picks for the best celebrities in Playboy. Now, go ahead and tell us why we are wrong and who we forgot to mention.

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