Is Hailey Baldwin Still Sexy? Of Course

March 8, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Why Would You Ask Such a Silly Question?

Sure, it might seem like awhile since we last laid eyes on Hailey Baldwin being sexy, so one might wonder if she is still rocking the hotness. Well, I want to answer that question with a question: Why on earth would you think Hailey Baldwin would stop being sexy? I'd also like to answer that question with some super hot Hailey Baldwin lingerie pics.

Either way, I think you get my point. Yes, Hailey Baldwin is still sexy - she's Hailey Baldwin. Have you seen her in a matching white bra and panty set? If not, look for yourself. And I mean really look, memorize how incredibly she looks, how perfect her cleavage is, how stunning her legs are, remember every single inch of Hailey Baldwin so if the question ever pops in your head again about whether or not she's still sexy, you will know what a foolish question that is. Feel free to memorize one of the other sexy photos - she looks great in a white bra, black bra, hand bra - it doesn't really matter.

Look, I think it's a good that you are thinking about Hailey Baldwin, but don't spend any time worrying about sexiness. Instead think of her fondly and half dressed. That's sure to put a smile on your face.

Photos via Lui Magazine

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