Much, Much More Camila Mendes Is Needed ASAP

March 6, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

This One Hell of a Boob-Filled First Impression

I have no idea what in the world this photo shoot is for that features Camila Mendes in a red see-through top, and honestly, I don't much care. The only thing I truly care about at this moment is getting more Camila Mendes in all of our lives. Red see-through top, white see-through top, black see-through top on the floor beside her naked breasts, whatever she wants to do, it is fine with all of us.

I must be honest and admit this is the first I am seeing of Camila Mendes and I'm over the moon for her already. And apparently this photo shoot was done back in 2015, so I feel kind of bad that I'm just now jumping on the Camila Mendes bad wagon. I guess she's on this show called Riverdale (2017), which is a new and sexier take on the old Archie comics. I have yet to tune in, but thanks to Camila Mendes' awesome breasts I'm going to have to carve out some time to watch the show. Of course, I'm also hoping that Camila Mendes branches out and does other work. In this red see-through top, I'm kind of wishing someone would do a Little Red Riding Hood update where she's like a monster hunter or something. How awesome would that be? Seeing Camila Mendes in a red see-through top kicking ass every week? The answer is that it would be friggin' fantastic.

Seriously, Camila Mendes knows how to make one hell of a first impression. There is no doubt I or anyone else seeing her for the first time will ever forget this boob-filled moment.

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