Britney Spears Works Hard and We Share in the Rewards

March 6, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Britney Makes It Look So Easy... And Sexy

Every so often I think that I should totally start going to the gym, but then there's a Criminal Minds (2005-2016) marathon and I can't not watch it. But if I did go to the gym I know I'd totally become that guy who is constantly posting gym pics. Yeah, I'd be that annoying. And yet, when Britney Spears constantly posts gym pics and videos on Instagram, none of us seem to mind.

It's pretty clear that Britney works hard at working hard. And when you think about it, her oversharing as some might say, is really a reward for all of us. We are all basking in the glory that is Britney's killer body. I mean, she's got to work hard to keep up that busy, busy Vegas show schedule. Or you know, maybe she's prepping for a nude photo shoot. Either of those are possibly the reason she works hard... please let it be the second one, oh please, oh please, oh please... Whatever her reasoning is for hitting the gym and sharing those videos, we are all for it. Keep it, up Britney! You're looking great!

And did anyone else notice Britney's trainer? She's just wearing a puffy vest? Like no pants or anything underneath. Seriously, she needs to put on some pants or something, I'm trying to focus on Britney Spears being sexy. I don't want any distractions.

Via Britney Spears on Instagram

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