Throwback Thursday--Jessie Andrews and Sovereign Syre Got Wet in Erotica X’s "Pure Desire"

March 9, 2017 | Posted in Editorial Features by holly-kingstown

Lesbian Fun in a Hotel Room!

Director Mason created the first content for Erotica X when the company was born and she directed 2014's "Pure Desire 2", which had this super scene with Jessie Andrews and Sovereign Syre. Andrews is all about her music and her truly lovely jewelry line these days. Syre still performs in scenes occasionally, but lately, she has been doing a ton of stand up comedy (you can see her in Los Angeles next Friday and you can see her upcoming club dates here) and she also has a podcast.

Here, though, it's not about the laughs or the jewelry. It's all about two beautiful women enjoying champagne and each other's bodies for some lesbian sex in and out of a bubble bath. I love the intimacy of this scene and how fucking into each other they are. The kisses here are just melting stuff, visually. The lust is palpable and the passion looks as real as it gets. Man, I miss new Andrews' scenes being a thing. Anyway, go watch the whole thing. You really should.

Click right here or on the banner below to go watch the whole scene right the heck now!

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