Hey, Kristen Stewart Has a Nice Ass

March 2, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Seriously, What a Great Ass

When thinking of Kristen Stewart and her nudity, we often think about her wonderful breasts. At least, that is where my mind wonders every time I think about Kristen Stewart being nude. So, it was a pretty pleasant surprise to me to learn that Kristen Stewart has a pretty nice ass. She should totally do more pant-less nudity.

Normally I would feel bad about not noticing what a great ass Kristen Stewart has, but honestly, I can't remember a moment before now that I've actually seen her wonderful rumpus. Maybe I've seen it before and maybe I haven't even been lucky to see it before now. It really doesn't matter because her ass has never looked better than it does in these pictures. And sure, it's not a bare ass - she's wearing a thong and some pantyhose - but damn it, her ass looks great. I mean, like, really great. I don't care if it's all those extra things that are making her butt look beautiful, I'm just happy I get to see it.

Honestly, at this point, Kristen Stewart should just go ahead and do full frontal. She's got the boobs and the butt for it so, why the hell not. I'm sure if she did it would make for one hell of a memorable moment.

Photos via V Magazine

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